Ensuring You Get the Best Business

In order to remain the leading security service provider in South Africa and the world, we maintain a high work ethic. We adhere to five basic principles that both motivate and inspire all of our personnel to provide the best security service possible

Executive Protection

Protect and manage the risk exposures of you and your interests with the right VIP close protection officer for the right job, everytime.

Security Services

TSS offers extensive experience in providing guarding services to estates, businesses and industrial properties.

Armed Response

OurHighly skilled guards and large vehicle fleet allows us to offer the fastest armed response unit 

Service Record

Over the last 9 years of rending security services, we have faced many new challenges created by the criminal elements. The Thabzo Security Services has introduced its range of services strategies to mitigate the emerging security risks. We aim to provide a holistic solution to our clients’ individual security needs. Rendering of guarding services has been a pillar of Thabzo Security Services’ success and we offer the following services:

Core Services

  • Physical Security,
  • Property Security,
  • Site Management,
  • Risk Assessment and Security Audit,
  • Special Events Guarding,
  • Private Investigations,
  • Emergency drills,
  • Forensic Investigations,
  • Tracing,
  • CCTV,
  • Central Station Monitoring (Control Room),
  • Fire Alarms Detectors,
  • Gate Automations, and
  • Card Systems (Access Control).

Our Staff

All TSS staff members undergo pre-check and evaluation tests before being taken into the company. Once admitted in the company, they undergo a two day training that prepares them in areas of operations. Key courses in training are:

  • First Aid,
  • Access Control,
  • Powers of arrest,
  • Searching procedure,
  • Writing of a statement,
  • Handling of a Crime Scene, and
  • Risk assessment.

The Crisis Team will convene when the Emergency Coordinator declares a Level 1 Emergency (the most severe category that presents significant risk to our client’s reputation and resources).

Given the urgency of rapid communications, the operational manager of Thabzo Security or his/her designee has the authority to begin taking action immediately, in consultation with the Company Director and the client’s security representative.

Our Team

We have experience and expertise, and the commitment to do the job right. TSS team consists of a unique combination of experienced professionals with senior operation, marketing and management experience. The unique combination of TSS team adds value by introducing diverse approaches and global perspectives in order to achieve the highest levels of productivity and efficiency in business.

TSS is a fast growing company in KwaZulu Natal. Our company is considering setting up offices in other provinces such as Gauteng and Eastern Cape in the near future

Thabzo Security Services Team  has the ability to perform the work in accordance with the Bid specifications; the Company track records in other similar projects as well as its infrastructure and available financial resources and equipment are very good

Our Efficiency

The Thabzo Security Services is headed by a Management team, composed of a highly competent, professional, and efficient group of leaders. Together they are united in the continual quest to furnish our Client’s with the best service available, as well as provide our staff with the best care and support. The operation is headed by a professional manager who approaches his tasks with diligence, pride, expertise and conscientiousness.

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